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ENTROPY at the Athens Innovation Festival 2017

The ENTROPY project was presented by the ELTRUN E-Business Research Center in the context of a specialized workshop held at the Athens Innovation Festival 2017.

The Athens Innovation Festival 2017 was a three-day festival of innovation held in Athens, Greece between 20th -22nd November 2017. In the context of the festival a number of innovative solutions were presented in a specialized workshop, where major EU research activities were presented to a large audience. Additionally in a dedicated stand, participants had the opportunity to interact with the ENTROPY project partners and learn more regarding the ENTROPY solution and its potential benefits.

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legavENTROPY at the Athens Innovation Festival 2017

ENTROPY plenary Meeting held at the University of Murcia

The ENTROPY project held its plenary meeting in the University of Murcia on 26-27 October 2017. The project partners reviewed the current status of the entire ecosystem (platform, personalized application and serious game) and planned the next steps towards the pilots of the project.
The discussions were fruitfull and the ENTROPY project is full on ready for the next steps.
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entropyENTROPY plenary Meeting held at the University of Murcia

University of Murcia presentation at the Global Wireless Summit (GWS) 2017

Professor Antonio Skarmeta of the University of Murcia presented the paper entitled “An Open Architecture for IoT Data Analytics in Smart Cities” in the context of The Global Wireless Summit (GWS) 2017, held in Cape Town, South Africa.

The paper presents a novel platform for smart city deployments. The proposed framework helps in the organization and utilization of extracted information coming from different communication technologies and sensors deployed in cities, standardizing the way that data comes from very varied sources offering built-in features to support advanced data analytics. The platform suitability is tested through its application in a smart city scenario for urban dynamics detection based on data from a well-known Online Social Network platform.

The Global Wireless Summit (GWS) is a premier annual conference series, technically sponsored by the IEEE South Africa Session Joint Chapter on Communications and Signal Processing. It covers the latest advances in wireless communication technologies and enjoys a worldwide participation rate of about 400 leading experts.


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entropyUniversity of Murcia presentation at the Global Wireless Summit (GWS) 2017

University of Murcia Participation in the European Utility Week

The University of Murcia participated at the European Utility Week in Amsterdam. Fernando Terroso-Saenz presented how the ENTROPY project uses Internet of Things and Big Data for Behavioural changes in Energy Efficiency and exhibited the platform’s architecture to interested third parties.

The presentation entitled “Internet of Things and Big Data for Behavioural changes in Energy Efficiency: the Entropy project” took place at the Hub sessions – Big Data & Analytics – Data to Reinvent the Customer Journey

Additionally we talked about methods to motivate behavioural changes through an IT ecosystem applying gamification strategies rooted on people’s enjoyment of challenges, positive feedback, and social bonding that ENTROPY enables. An exemplar strategy is the application of data analysis techniques for the recommendation system of the serious game and personalized application that is adaptative to the individuals’ responses.
Lastly, the importance of data gathering for smart buildings applications was discussed and analyzed. A crucial goal of a smart building is energy efficiency and the provision of an IoT platform for data gathering enables the interaction between the data collected by the metering in the building and the data collected by the games.

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entropyUniversity of Murcia Participation in the European Utility Week

Intelen at European Utility Week

Intelen participated at the European Utility Week in Amsterdam, exhibiting its utility engagement platform and focusing on a specific niche market: data-driven customer loyalty analytics. Intelen presented also some important details and the plan of the Entropy project, regarding the application of game mechanics for energy efficiency, based on IoT dynamic sensors. Entropy is a perfect fit for utilities, wishing to engage their consumers with IoT devices and smart home automation services, towards the end-user engagement. The results of the Entropy project will be commercialized in various vertical applications, such as digital consumer engagement services, smart home automation applications, utility games, behavioral demand response, etc, During the exhibition many utilities were interested at Entropy future results, since this will enable various commercialization options for smart home automation systems

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entropyIntelen at European Utility Week

Open-Access Journal Paper Publication

ENTROPY project partner members published an open-access paper at the Sensors Journal.


Providing Personalized Energy Management and Awareness Services for Energy Efficiency in Smart Buildings


Fotopoulou, E.; Zafeiropoulos, A.; Terroso-Saenz, F.; Simsek, U.; Gonzalez-Vidal, A.; Tsiolis, G.; Gouvas, P.; Liapis, P.; Fensel, A.; Skarmeta



Considering that the largest part of end-use energy consumption worldwide is associated with the buildings sector, there is an inherent need for the conceptualization, specification, implementation, and instantiation of novel solutions in smart buildings, able to achieve significant reductions in energy consumption through the adoption of energy efficient techniques and the active engagement of the occupants. Towards the design of such solutions, the identification of the main energy consuming factors, trends, and patterns, along with the appropriate modeling and understanding of the occupants’ behavior and the potential for the adoption of environmentally-friendly lifestyle changes have to be realized. In the current article, an innovative energy-aware information technology (IT) ecosystem is presented, aiming to support the design and development of novel personalized energy management and awareness services that can lead to occupants’ behavioral change towards actions that can have a positive impact on energy efficiency. Novel information and communication technologies (ICT) are exploited towards this direction, related mainly to the evolution of the Internet of Things (IoT), data modeling, management and fusion, big data analytics, and personalized recommendation mechanisms. The combination of such technologies has resulted in an open and extensible architectural approach able to exploit in a homogeneous, efficient and scalable way the vast amount of energy, environmental, and behavioral data collected in energy efficiency campaigns and lead to the design of energy management and awareness services targeted to the occupants’ lifestyles. The overall layered architectural approach is detailed, including design and instantiation aspects based on the selection of set of available technologies and tools. Initial results from the usage of the proposed energy aware IT ecosystem in a pilot site at the University of Murcia are presented along with a set of identified open issues for future research.


The paper can be found in

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entropyOpen-Access Journal Paper Publication

Proceedings of 2017 Global IoT Summit

The prodceedings of the 2017 Global IoT Summit is now online. You can check out the ENTROPY partners’ paper entitled “Data Aggregation, Fusion and Recommendations for Strengthening Citizens Energy-aware Behavioural Profiles” at IEEEXplore (



In this paper, ENTROPY platform, an IT ecosystem for supporting energy efficiency in buildings through behavioural change of the occupants is provided. The ENTROPY platform targets at providing a set of mechanisms for accelerating the adoption of energy efficient practices through the increase of the energy awareness and energy saving potential of the occupants. The platform takes advantage of novel sensor networking technologies for supporting efficient sensor data aggregation mechanisms, semantic web technologies for unified data representation, machine learning mechanisms for getting insights from the available data and recommendation mechanisms for providing personalised content to end users. These technologies are combined and provided through an integrated platform, targeting at leading to occupants’ behavioural change with regards to their energy consumption profiles

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entropyProceedings of 2017 Global IoT Summit

Entropy Serious Game

The ENTROPY Serious Game is now available. In the ENTROPY Treasure Hunt you can collect clues and answer questions to win! We have completed the development of the serious game and now are ready for beta testing in our pilots. With augmented reality features, the players will be able to interact with their environment and complete tasks based on real time sensor measurements.

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entropyEntropy Serious Game

Entropy Participated in the IoT_Forum

The ENTROPY project participated in a great cluster workshop with other energy related Horizon 2020 European Projects such as EU GAIA Project, BYTE Big Data Community and others. We presented our papers in the context of the IoT Forum in GIoTS2017 that took place in Geneva. For more information visit

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entropyEntropy Participated in the IoT_Forum

Midterm review completed

ENTROPY project completed successfully the midterm review held in Brussels last month, and everyone is smiling. The first version of the ENTROPY platform is ready to go and discussion will continue towards the first launch.

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entropyMidterm review completed