The ENTROPY Personalized Mobile Application

The ENTROPY Project utilizes the ENTROPY Personalized Application to enable end users to interact with the energy consuming devices around them and to learn about energy friendly practices, alongside with the ENTROPY AR TH Serious Game.

The ENTROPY Personalized Application employs real sensor data from all installations (Currently ENTROPY pilots) and offers an innovative visualization tool which also enables the reception of energy saving tips, quiz based testing of acquired knowledge as well as building fault registration. The ENTROPY personalized application follows the behavioral subliminal educational approach.

Behavioral-based learning adopts the idea that the instruction is centralized around individualization. Understand each individual characteristics and personality, it provides an effective way of learning. Behavioral-based Learning Systems combines both motivation and task/tips-based learning techniques to make people learn without effort. In every organization or firm each individual much stay focused on his job’s tasks in order to achieve the main objective of the strategy. While people should not be sidetracked from their everyday activities, raising a strong culture and driving energy-saving commitment among them, seems more than crucial.  Furthermore, people tend to resist on change, especially when it comes to their work and their daily routine. Thus, a subliminal learning model is needed. Subliminal Learning is acquiring knowledge and processing information on a subconscious level or by some means other than consciously, for later recall. Subliminal learning can be facilitated through audio and visual cues and metaphorical experience.

Overall, the user can select and solve educational quizzes, receive notifications and educational tips, check in real time energy indicators and energy consumption graphs and push thermal comfort and various building faults/conditions to the ENTROPY platform. All content is personalized and adapted to users’ behavioral profile. The Personalized application has an objective to create various interactive behavioral KPIs without any gaming element in order to test users’ ability to shift profile due to personalized educational content.


legavThe ENTROPY Personalized Mobile Application