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Proceedings of 2017 Global IoT Summit

The prodceedings of the 2017 Global IoT Summit is now online. You can check out the ENTROPY partners’ paper entitled “Data Aggregation, Fusion and Recommendations for Strengthening Citizens Energy-aware Behavioural Profiles” at IEEEXplore (



In this paper, ENTROPY platform, an IT ecosystem for supporting energy efficiency in buildings through behavioural change of the occupants is provided. The ENTROPY platform targets at providing a set of mechanisms for accelerating the adoption of energy efficient practices through the increase of the energy awareness and energy saving potential of the occupants. The platform takes advantage of novel sensor networking technologies for supporting efficient sensor data aggregation mechanisms, semantic web technologies for unified data representation, machine learning mechanisms for getting insights from the available data and recommendation mechanisms for providing personalised content to end users. These technologies are combined and provided through an integrated platform, targeting at leading to occupants’ behavioural change with regards to their energy consumption profiles

entropyProceedings of 2017 Global IoT Summit