In the course of the ENTROPY project two semantic models were developed namely: The IoT-Based Energy Management Semantic Model and the Behavioral Intervention Semantic Model.

I.    IoT-based Energy Management Semantic Model

The IoT-based Energy Management semantic model (IoT-Energy) aims to represent the set of concepts related to the support of energy efficiency in smart buildings. It includes conceptualization of the buildings, their structure, the deployed sensor networking infrastructure, the activation of set of sensor data streams as well as the realization of analysis over the collected sensor data. IoT-Energy inherits and builds upon well-known ontologies, such as the Friends of a Friend (FoaF), the SAREF, the Semantic Sensor Network (SSN) and the Linked Data Analytics Ontology (LDAO).

A main entity regards the BuildingSpace that represents any space in the building. A set of Persons or Groups may have activities at a BuildingSpace, information that is highly helpful for providing personalized content and recommendations to the associated persons per location. A BuildingSpace contains BuildingObjects and Sensors/Devices, while a DataStream generates ObservationValues for a specific ObservedProperty of a Device/Sensor. Different types of DataStreams may be activated for providing real time or aggregated data.

An overview of the IoT-Energy semantic model is provided at Figure 1, while its description based on owl is made available here.

Figure 1: ENTROPY IoT Energy Semantic Model

II.    Behavioral Intervention Semantic Model

The Behavioral Intervention Semantic Model (EBIO) aims to represent a set of concepts related to the behavioral profile of occupants in smart buildings and, thus, to facilitate the categorization of users in specific profiles and the provision of personalized content and recommendations for achieving behavioral change. The main concepts represented in EBIO regard the Agent and the Recommendation.

An Agent can be a Person or a Group where personalized recommendations can be sent. Different types of Recommendations can be provided to Persons targeting at their behavioral change. Such Recommendations can have the form of a Message, a QuizChallenge, an Action or a Question. It should be noted that in the context of ENTROPY, the Group concept represents a group of users that share a common characteristic. A user can give a positive or negative Feedback to a Recommendation that is later utilized for the generation of new personalized recommendations.

An overview of the EBIO semantic model is provided at Figure 2, while its description based on owl is made available here.

Figure 2: Behavioral Intervention Semantic Model


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