The ENTROPY Treasure Hunt Game

The ENTROPY Project utilizes the ENTROPY Augmented Reality (AR) Treasure Hunt serious game to enable the end users to interact with the energy consuming devices around them and to learn about energy friendly practices, alongside with the ENTROPY Personalized Application.

The serious game utilized specific AR Markers, placed at different locations which, when scanned, provide different tips and clues for different questions of the Treasure Hunt game. The user can open the camera, scan the marker and instantly receive a clue that will help him/her to win the Treasure Hunt. However the clues are not easy, therefore different TIPS along the way may help significantly, but they too come at a point cost. What’s more, when in trouble you can also engage your friends in social media (facebook) and ask for their help towards solving “the puzzle”. And once solved correctly… you have learned something new about energy efficiency!!

The ENTROPY AR Treasure Hunt not only informs you in a playful manner, but it also calls you to action. By showing you the current state of different parameters in your building and the surrounding place (e.g. Indoor Temperature, Air Quality and Luminosity) it invites you to perform energy saving actions as opening the doors to freshen up and turning off unnecessary lights in sunny days among others. If you succeed to do the actions, then congratulatory badges and rewards are there for you.   

The fun is serious and actionable in the ENTROPY AR Treasure Hunt.

The ENTROPY AR Treasure Hunt serious game is available in Android and iOS versions and is currently operational with users, enjoying the new serious game approach in adopting energy efficient lifestyles in the working environment.

legavThe ENTROPY Treasure Hunt Game